Government Purchasing


Stinger Solar Kits offer various easy government purchasing contract vehicles. If you need help with your Military Solar Kits procurement please call us at



Stinger Solar Kits are offered on several GSA Schedule 84 schedules. Stinger Military Solar Kits are Berry Compliant and Made in the USA. To purchase Stinger Military Solar Kits through GSA search "Stinger Solar Kits" at



Easy MILSTRP Stinger Military Solar Kits through various DOD EMALL schedules. Contact us if you need help dropping a cart for our Military Solar Kits & products. 



Stinger Solar Kits are 100% Berry Compliant and available through TLS Prime Vendors. Just ask your local sales rep or contact DSCP for how to register for TLS Prime Vendor Program. Stinger Solar Kits are available through Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) contracts on both Special Operations (SOE), FIre and Emergency Services (FES), DAPA MED/SURG, and Maintence, Repair, and Operations (MRO). TLS makes it easy to purchase Stinger military solar kits through MIPR funds.