STINGER SOLAR KITS make charging easy. Solar Simplified!
Purchase any of our Stinger Military Solar Kits and you will have everything you need to start charging batteries. Add Input and Output Cables for increased capabilities. Browse Batteries for increased storage capabilities. 
  • Anywhere there is sun utilze it to create power. 

  • The more sun the more power!

  • Add more solar panels for increased production with your tactical solar kit. 

  • Utilize other sources to create power 

  • Including; AC Power, 12VDC/24VDC, NATO Slave. 

  • Charge from Vehicle or wall

  • Scavenge power from indigenious motorcycle and other sources utilizing your Stinger tactical solar kit



  • Store harnessed power in 390, 590, 2590 Style Military Batteries. 

  • Balance power or store for later use. 

  • Output power to devices with 2590 Smart Batteries

  • Stinger Tactical Solar Kits shed battery weight by providing the power to recharge and carry less. 

  • Stinger Tactical Solar kits pack light and small so you will barely notice it in your ruck sack 

  • Stinger Tactical Solar Kits provide the fastest possible solar charging in the market due to our maximized power point tracking. 

  • Our 120W Military Solar Kits can charge a 2590 battery in as little as 90 Min while our competitors take 3X as long. 

  • Add extra solar to your Stinger tactical solar kits for faster run times. 

  • Power Military electronics including; BGANs, Radios, Toughbooks, Lighting, Vehicles, Batteries, ANT Farms, etc. 

  • Ultimate in portabilty. 

  • Military Solar Kits are capable of powering most 5-100W Military Devices

  • Stinger tactical solar kits provide clean uninterupted power

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